Teachers on Trial tonight in RTE

Frontline is doing a show on teachers tonight. I hope its focus will be about how resource hours have been cut from the children who need it most. Sadly, I think it’ll be a bunch of people fighting about our pay and holidays.

Good Coffee or Free Wifi?

Carlow Town has a number of cafés but only one offers free wifi and that’s the one I go to.  Even if a place offers great quality coffee, comfy seating, free refills, cheaper prices or anything else but doesn’t provide free wifi, I won’t be there if I want to do some writing.  Right now, I’m sitting in Café Le Monde.  I actually left another café to come here as it didn’t have free wifi. Every time I come here, I spend at least €2 but more often than not, I spend a lot more buying lunch, cakes, etc.  If they didn’t offer free wifi, I would never come here.  I’m never blocking up a table and the maximum time I really spend in about an hour. So Carlow cafés, unlock your broadband and let me in!

1. What do I want the children to learn?
2. What do I need to help them learn it?
3. Can I use ICT to enhance the learning?
My mantra for ICT in learning