Imagine Arts Festival

I'm very happy to have been selected to read at the Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford this year. It's one of my more "local" festivals. Thanks for Cat Hogan for asking me along. I'll be reading with my fellow Doire Press poet, Michael Whelan and I'll finally be meeting Sarah Clancy, who I keep missing.

First reading of Book 2

Before I get my hands on book 2, Ah, Men! I'll be reading as part of the Bray Literary Festival. I'll be reading with some superstars of the literary scene. I can't wait!

Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest

Really chuffed to get an honourable mention in this competition. Over 2000 entries and got in the top 10. The poem is Man Talk and will be in my upcoming book later this...

The North

This very fine magazine cane in the post today. Great to see so many familiar faces in it. I have a review in it where I checked out books by John O'Donnell, Geraldine Mitchell and Noel Monahan. It's the first book review I've done since school.

Allingham Festival Poetry Competition

Happy to have come second place in the annual Allingham Poetry Festival. I've entered this a few times and never got anywhere! Delighted also that it was one of my new poems that was successful.

The Tricky Second Collection

Some exciting news - at least for me - Doire Press will publish my second collection in late 2019! Jewtown will have a new sibling, which has been brewing for the last few years and is nearly ready to unleash. My aim is to make the poems I've written a lot better, yank out the clichés and sentimentality, and unmix my metaphors. I also have to get better at talking about it without sounding silly.

Troubadour Poetry Prize 2017

I was delighted to be one of the winning entries to the Troubadour Poetry Prize this year. I won a 2-year subscription to the Manhattan Review so I am looking forward to that. The poem I entered is a relatively new one, Man Talk. I have only recently changed the title and this was the first competition I entered with the new name. Before that, the poem has gotten nowhere. It's interesting to see how the title of a poem can be so important. The poem is one of a series that I'm working on where I'm playing around with trying to understand the psyche of 21st century males. This is the first one that has been accepted for publication. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the ceremony due to work so I don't feature in the photo above. Congratulations to the other prizewinners!

Doire Press on Tour!

Tonight, I headed to Kilkenny for the first of the Doire Press Reading Events with David Butler and Annemarie NíCurrain. It took place in the lovely Stone House Bookshop. After buying and reading Annemarie's poems, it was great to get a further insight to the poems and she told us the background to some that she read. [gallery size="medium" ids="2115,2116,2117"]

Debut Collections

I went to Dublin to see Brian Kirk, Emma McKervey and Amanda Bell read from their respective first collections. Lisa Frank from Doire Press interviewed the three poets and each read a couple of poems from their collections. I also took a visit to Books Upstairs and bought three more books. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="2110,2111"]