1. What do I want the children to learn?
2. What do I need to help them learn it?
3. Can I use ICT to enhance the learning?
My mantra for ICT in learning

Twitter Art Project 2011

From Monday 4th April, my school is having an Art Week.  Over the last couple of years, we’ve asked the children to do a drawing in a special sketchpad during this week. Each year, they draw one picture and when they leave school, they will have a book of 8 drawings displaying their progress in art over their time in primary school! This year, we’d like to add a digital element to our proceedings and we’d love for other schools to join in. Thanks to my Twitter buddies @fboss and @seomraranga (also @mrquinnsclass) we’ve come up with some ideas. Playing with Art Online We’re going to be exploring some interesting web sites that let you paint like a famous artist.   http://www.nga.gov/kids/zone/jungle/ http://www.picassohead.com/ http://www.haringkids.com/coloringbook/index.html A Digital Art Gallery Using whatever...

@cesitweets M&S bag left at meet this evening. Anyone see it?
The tweet I sent back in 2009 that really made me see the power of Twitter

Misconceptions about Educate Together

I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about Educate Together schools. For me, it’s great that so many teachers seem to be interested in a patronage that has such a small representation in the primary education system (58 schools out of several thousand). Because they are relatively new, it’s natural that there are misconceptions. Like previous posters have said, in theory they are very similar to any primary school, the notable difference being the patron body. It wasn’t long ago that children in primary schools didn’t wear uniforms – it seemed to just become the norm in the last 20 years. Calling teachers by their first name isn’t unique either (as pointed out by a previous poster). I’m not sure if the following is helpful but it might clear up some of the more common misconceptions about ET. They’re all...