Carlow Arts Festival

I had a nice time reading some new work at the Carlow Arts Festival in their big tent. I read with the rest of the Carlow Writers' Group with Jane Clarke, Grace Wells, Mark Roper and Maurice Davitt.

Jews in Irish Literature

I had a fantastic night in The Bloomsbury hotel for the Irish Literary Society event on the representation of Jews in Irish literature. It was great to join Ruth Gilligan and Barry Montgomery again to talk about our respective works. [gallery...

Spokes Poetry Reading

I had a great night at the Spokes Poetry Evening in Waterford City this week. The event is a monthly one where Waterford's poetry enthusiasts take part in a very friendly open mic, all organised by Colette Colfer. Every term, they have a guest poet, and I was lucky enough to be there to read from Jewtown. I had just recovered from a fairly severe throat infection and my voice was just about back in action! I met some fantastic people, including two people who were raised Jewish (we got a photo together, see below) Weirdly, one of them was in school around the same time as me but we had no recollection of each other. We're probably cousins too! Spokes was one of the friendliest poetry evenings I have ever attended and a huge thank you to Colette and everyone for their warmth and hospitality. [gallery ids="2147,2148,2149,2150,2151,2152,2153,2154"]

Viva Los Gatos!

I had a great time in California over the last week with a trip supported by Culture Ireland to the Los Gatos Irish Literary Festival. I spend 4 and a half days in sunny California hanging out with some of Ireland's best writers. I was involved in two events: the representation of Jews in Irish literature, and New Irish Poets. I attended lots of the events but did get a chance to sneak into San Francisco to the famous City Lights bookstore, where I filled my bag up with loads and loads of Beat books. [gallery columns="4" ids="2096,2097,2098,2099,2100,2101,2102,2103,2104,2105,2106"]

Sunflower Sessions Reading

I was the featured reader at the Sunflower Sessions in Capel Street, Dublin on the 27th September, my first reading of the new year, nicely sandwiched between Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur. The venue is probably the most hipster place I've ever read in and the crowd were way cooler than me! I took a few photos to get a feel for the atmosphere. The night kicked off with a spoken word poet so I thought I was going to be in trouble but as the night went on, it was great to see lots of different types of work being read; from epics to satire to good old traditional lyric poetry! Thanks to Declan for having me on. I'll definitely be back to hear some more. [gallery columns="6" ids="2087,2088,2089,2090,2091,2092"]

O’Bhéal reading 

I had a great night at the O'Bhéal series last night. I read with Stephanie Conn. Thanks to Paul Casey for inviting...

Strokestown Poetry Festival 

I had a fantastic time at the Strokestown International Poetry Festival this year where my poem, Conception, was shortlisted in their competition. I didn't realise what a huge prize was up for grabs when I entered for whatever reason so not realising that I was in with a chance to win €2000 was good as they don't tell you who wins until the very end of the festival after everyone reads their poem. They used to do a countdown to the winner, which they've changed now, thankfully. Part of being shortlisted means that you become part of the festival programme and you get to do a reading. Mine was on the Saturday morning and I think it was well received. The weird thing though is that in the audience are really really big names in the world of poetry, some of who appeared in my Leaving Cert! I got to see two interviews. The first was with...

Shine/Strong Award 2017

It was incredible to be shortlisted for the Shine/Strong award this year and a massive congratulations to Adam Crothers who went away with the big prize. I bought Adam's book when I saw the shortlist a while back and started reading it. Two poems in, I knew that this was one of the most exciting and interesting poetry books I had ever read. I'm a big fan of rhyme and form and Adam's book has it all but so so clever. There are references in the poems to everything from classical Greek to 21st century pop icons. They work so well - they're funny but they're also self-deprecating.  It was lovely to be on stage with Adam and Stephanie Conn, my fellow Doire Press poet. It was also great to have John and Lisa from Doire there to support us both. [gallery ids="1982,1983,1984,1985,1986"]

Write Up in Waterford News and Star

Thanks to Barry Montgomery of Ulster University for sharing this newspaper artivle from the Waterford News and Star on the launch of the Representations of Jews in Irish Literature. It was a really good exhibition and I had a great time at the launch.