Article in Irish Examiner

I was delighted to see a huge article in the Irish Examiner about my upcoming collection, Jewtown. The article is mostly about the area of Cork which was known as Jewtown but also concentrates a little bit about my own background and heritage. The full text can be read on the Irish Examiner web site, which I'm also pasting below. Memories of Jewtown in Cork recalled in poetry collection Tuesday, May 24, 2016 Simon Lewis’s collection of poetry was inspired by his family’s heritage in the Albert Road area of Cork, says Marjorie Brennan IT’S an unofficial place-name with nostalgic rather than negative overtones, but people from outside Cork can still be startled to hear Leesiders of a certain vintage use the term ‘Jewtown’. For locals, it denotes the quarter of the city comprising Albert Road and its environs,...

Published in Southword

I was delighted to see my poem, Mary Daly, which also features in my collection Jewtown, was published in the latest issue of Southword, one of Ireland's most prominent literary journals. I'm delighted to be in the company of some very fine poets including the winner of the Gregory O'Donoghue prize this year. Here it is pasted below or you can read it on Southword by following this link. marydaly

America is not the World

America is not the World is a journal from Pankhearst in which I have a poem. The blurb reads: From Pakistan to Israel, Macau to India, Australia to Vietnam, Texas to Peru, we are not the borders that divide us. Rachel Nix is the editor and it contains poems and short fiction. It looks lovely and it is available to buy on Amazon. As an aside, I didn't realise the title of the journal was also a Morrissey song.  

America is not the World

I am delighted to have a poem published in Pankhearst in their journal titled "America is not the World." I was also very pleased to note that it was one of my upcoming poems in Jewtown that was chosen. Thanks to the editor Rachel Nix who selected my poem and I'm looking forward to getting a copy of it soon. The photograph is of Rachel Nix holding the journal.

Published: Bare Hands Issue 20

I'm delighted to have been published in Bare Hands Issue 20 with my poem from Jewtown, Meeting Isaac Marcus. Better yet, Kerrie O'Brien, the editor, has out my poem forward for the Forward Prize for a single poem! Meeting Isaac Marcus is one of the first poems I ever wrote for Jewtown and it hasn't changed much in terms of editing in the four years. You can read the poem and some other great pieces of writing and art here.

Published in Stony Thursday

I was delighted to see my poem, Kilroy, featuring in this beautiful journal.   Kilroy You have battled many faceplants before crawling, another victory; now you march on and reach a hand to the edge of the coffee table, steady before the quivered jolt of hand number two, press your fingers down and rest your chin on the smooth walnut surface. I see you, I say to the snub nose and two-tooth grin and in the excitement you lose your grip, tumble to floorboard world, left to clench at curtains, tug the wires, or sit to stare at the mirror. You’ll be back, like a conscript for another battle, but now in the trench you can say, once I made it. I was here.

Blue Max Review

I’m delighted to have been published in the Blue Max Review for the second year in a row. The Blue Max Review is annually published for the Fermoy International Poetry Festival and features a number of poets from the Blackwater Poetry Group, an online poetry group led by Gene Barry. The festival is on next week and you can learn more about it at their web site.