The Tricky Second Collection

Some exciting news - at least for me - Doire Press will publish my second collection in late 2019! Jewtown will have a new sibling, which has been brewing for the last few years and is nearly ready to unleash. My aim is to make the poems I've written a lot better, yank out the clichés and sentimentality, and unmix my metaphors. I also have to get better at talking about it without sounding silly.

On the telly

I was on RTE 1 this evening as part of a programme called "Back to the Future: An Irish Passover." I read 2 poems from Jewtown and get to show a little bit of my school, where I work. I also chat a little bit about the history of the Cork Jewish Community. Watch it here

Flare 6

Really pleased to have a poem featured in this lovely pamphlet.

Published: Hodges & Figgis Anthology

I'm featured in this special anniversary edition of the Hodges and Figgis anthology with over 200 other writers. I have a poem in there somewhere about Emrys, less than a minute after he was born, called Apgar Score. I'm very grateful to Alan Hayes from Arlen Press who was kind enough to ask me to contribute to the collection. This is the first time I have been asked to do so for any collection so it means a...

Blue Nib Chapbook Competition

I was very happy to see that 8 of my poems were a runner-up in the Blue Nib Chapbook Competition. The 8 poems are all about my son, Emrys, most of which had their foundation in the small hours of the morning as he settled down after a feed. I left them alone for a couple of years and came back to them to scrape off any sentimentality and eye gunk from them. I also learned that the technical word for eye gunk is gound so I must try to make a poem from that! You can read all the poems here.

Published in Penny Dreadful

I am delighted that two of my poems from Jewtown were published in the Penny Dreadful Winter/Spring 2017 issue. The poems were When Father Died and The Shochet. Thanks to the editors for considering these poem and I'm delighted to be in such good company. Here is the full list of poetry in Issue 7: Matthew Sweeney Petite Poemes en Prose after Baudelaire / Dylan Brennan Natrix Natrix, Ghost Brides/ Estevo Creus (trans: Keith Payne) Excerpts from The Book of the Dogs / Gerard Smyth Village Butcher /  Simon Lewis When Father Died, The Shochet / Jessica Traynor In Praise of Fixer Women, Trash Witch, Hide and Seek / Rosamund Taylor When I was Twelve / David Toms The Clutch, Wadding / Bernadette McCarthy Mustard Plaster, Dole / David J Costello Sowerby...

Stinging Fly

I am delighted to have my poem "I was your Golem" published in the Stinging Fly. I won't lie; this is a journal that I've been obsessed over getting into since I first read it a number of years ago. The poem is based on the Jewish Folk Tale of the Prague Golem and I wrote the first draft of it a few years ago after visiting Prague. It tells the story of a woman in a bad relationship where she plays the part of the Golem. I'm very grateful to Mia Gallagher for all her help in getting it to the page in the form it is now and really pleased with how it looks. I'm also delighted to be in the same company as other poets that I admire and am enjoying reading their...

Article in Irish Examiner

I was delighted to see a huge article in the Irish Examiner about my upcoming collection, Jewtown. The article is mostly about the area of Cork which was known as Jewtown but also concentrates a little bit about my own background and heritage. The full text can be read on the Irish Examiner web site, which I'm also pasting below. Memories of Jewtown in Cork recalled in poetry collection Tuesday, May 24, 2016 Simon Lewis’s collection of poetry was inspired by his family’s heritage in the Albert Road area of Cork, says Marjorie Brennan IT’S an unofficial place-name with nostalgic rather than negative overtones, but people from outside Cork can still be startled to hear Leesiders of a certain vintage use the term ‘Jewtown’. For locals, it denotes the quarter of the city comprising Albert Road and its environs,...

Published in Southword

I was delighted to see my poem, Mary Daly, which also features in my collection Jewtown, was published in the latest issue of Southword, one of Ireland's most prominent literary journals. I'm delighted to be in the company of some very fine poets including the winner of the Gregory O'Donoghue prize this year. Here it is pasted below or you can read it on Southword by following this link. marydaly