It’s November. Halloween is over. Christmas is ages away despite what the shops are telling you. How about another Twitter project? The last time we tried this, we had about 20 schools tweeting away to each other and a number of interesting conversations came about.

The first experiment asked schools to get to know a little bit about each other and resulted in some interesting information useful for geography classes. The second one brought schools together to look and respond to a piece of art. Some schools even took inspiration from a piece of art and we shared our own creations.

This time, we’re going to try a new subject: Science.

National Science Week comes up in November so let’s see how we can use Twitter. The plan will be to share all the great science being done in schools during science week using Twitter. We’ll use the hashtag #twience so we can recognise each other’s tweets about Science Week.

Schools will be able to use all of Twitter’s capabilities to showcase their work.

Twitpic is a good tool for uploading photos. Screencasts can also be recorded. You can even link to your school’s web site or  videos you have uploaded or anything else you think is interesting.

Obviously safety is paramount to this so make sure that you don’t open tweets belonging to people you don’t recognise and always vet Twitter before showing responses on a big screen.

If you are interested in signing up and have a Twitter account, simply start tweeting from the account using the hashtag #twience. If you don’t have a Twitter account, sign up on If you need help getting going, email me

I’ll also see if we can get a bit of press coverage for this. The success of this not only depends on the amount of schools joining in but also the way schools join in. Don’t forget to ask other schools questions; for example:

“Hi @stmarysns how did you set up your experiment? #twience”

Don’t worry about going off-topic:

“Wow! I love the teddy you used in the experiment. What’s his name? #twience”

The only thing to remember is the hashtag #twience or you won’t be seen. So, without further ado…

Let’s tweet…

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